Great White Russian

Queue the dude jokes, but our Caucasian is just better, man. We call our White Russian the “Great White Russian” because of the superior Great Lakes Distillery spirits used. The Good Land Coffee Liqueur is made using a cold brew method for a smoother, richer coffee flavor. Rehorst Vodka is the most authentic WI vodka […]

Old Passions

Super simple and very delicious. Three high quality ingredients is all you need for an amazing cocktail. This sipper cocktail is a delicious no muddle version of a Whiskey Old Fashioned. Not to be confused with a Wisconsin Old Fashioned.

Gluten in Distilled Spirits

It is generally believed distillation separates the gluten from the final spirit. We frequently get customers asking us about the gluten content of our spirits. Several organizations that provide guidance on gluten free diets say that distillation separates gluten from the final spirit even when the source grain includes gluten.. The US government claims they […]

Kinnickinnic Whiskey wins “Best American Blended Whisky”

The World Whisky Awards took place March 21st 2013 in London, UK.  More than 300 Whiskies from around the world were sampled in three rounds of blind tastings. According to Whisky Magazine, Judges were drawn from the best drinks journalists and retailers around the world, with industry representatives made up of master blenders, distillers and brand ambassadors […]

Absinthism in the 21st Century

As a producer of absinthe we spend a lot of our time explaining the myths and facts that surround absinthe. The short hand version is that basically everything anyone has told you about it being a hallucinogen is a lie. It will not drive you insane nor will it put you into seizures. Absinthism is what […]