Informational graphic showing how Great Lakes Distillery uses green programs to help the environment and have a smaller carbon footprint.

We take a lot of pride in our efforts to operate sustainably. One of the things we do is source locally as much as possible including our base ingredients such as Wisconsin grains. When a bar buys alcohol it typically has been shipped thousands of miles from it’s producer whereas 95% of our products are sold within 100 miles of our distillery. Shipping costs a lot of money and uses a lot of energy, besides being bad environmentally, it typically takes the money you spent on your drink out of our local economy. We pride ourselves on the fact that 90% of every dollar someone spends on our product stays in our local economy. We utilize local farmers for ingredients, a local printer for our packaging, a local family owned company (Capitol Husting Co.) for distributing our products and of course our employees who also spend their hard earned dollars in local bars and restaurants.

The biggest impact a bar can make is to take part in the only bottle buy back program in Wisconsin. You heard right, we buy our bottles back from our customers! In fact since 2011 we have reused 67,054 bottles. Reuse is better than recycling because it requires a lot less energy to clean a bottle than it does to produce a new bottle from used glass.

If you’re a bar or restaurant interested in our bottle reuse program please contact us to get involved. If you’re a consumer, ask your favorite bar or restaurant if they know about our bottle buy back program. Also, consumers who purchase our products at retail can bring their empty bottles to our tasting room for $1 per bottle in tasting room credit!

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