It is generally believed distillation separates the gluten from the final spirit.

We frequently get customers asking us about the gluten content of our spirits. Several organizations that provide guidance on gluten free diets say that distillation separates gluten from the final spirit even when the source grain includes gluten.. The US government claims they have not seen an adequate test to determine whether a spirit made with wheat, barley, or rye is truly gluten free. Therefore, a distillery cannot label a product made from the distillation of those grains as gluten free.

If you have a sensitivity to gluten, an abundance of experts say you shouldn’t have any problem resulting from the consumption of any distilled spirits. If you’re not convinced that distillation results in a gluten free spirit and you want to play it safe, drink our Rehorst Gin. Rehorst Citrus & Honey Vodka, Roaring Dan’s Rum, Amerique 1912 Absinthe, or our Artisan Series Fruit Brandies. There is no possibility of gluten in these products since none of the raw ingredients contain any gluten before distillation. Our straight Rehorst Vodka, our Pumpkin Spirit, and Kinnickinnic Whiskey are the only products we make with grains that have gluten.

Update 11/18/2013- Fred Minnick writes in Scientific American about Gluten in distilled spirits and that the Alcohol Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau is close to finalizing standards for what spirits can be called Gluten free. Read it here.

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  1. As one who suffers from a moderate gluten sensitivity, I can personally attest that I have never had a reaction from drinking ANY spirit distilled from wheat, barley, or rye!

  2. My question has to do with flavors added AFTER distillation. Do you add flavoring agents after distillatio? If so, do the flavors contain gluten?

    Do you ever add residual liquids from the bottom of the spirit still for flavoring purposes? Just curious.

    1. Paul, we don’t use commercial flavors in any of our spirits. The only spirits we make that are flavored after distillation are our Good Land liqueurs. They are only flavored with the natural flavors indicated on the label including fruit and spices. I can’t imagine we would ever produce a product that would be flavored by a gluten containing ingredient. Nor can I imagine using stillage to flavor any of our spirits.

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