New for Fall 2017!

· 100% natural - made with pure cranberry juice, freshlemons, cardamom, cinnamon, and pure cane sugar.

· Uses juice from a patented process that reduces the tartness or bitterness common in most cranberry products.

· A unique liqueur that captures the true flavor of the cranberry,is more sweet than tart, and is incredibly delicious.

· Beautiful green frosted bottle with retro label is easier to handle than square and odd shaped liqueur bottles.

· Great for cocktails like Cosmopolitans, Cranberry Lemonades,Cape Cods, fall cocktails, apple ciders and much more.

· The first distillery in Wisconsin since Prohibition, and one of the first craft distilleries established in the USA.

Central Wisconsin is one of the world’s best regions for growing cranberries. It is only fitting that Great Lakes Distillery sourcesjuice from this local good land to craft a one of a kind Cranberry Liqueur. This liqueur will be a fantastic addition to any bar. Good Land Cranberry can be used in place of any cocktail that calls for the use of cranberry juice or a berry liqueur.


Good Land Cranberry Liqueur Contains 25% Alcohol By Volume (50 Proof).