Whiskey with Full Wisconsin Flavor
and Aged 4 Years

Still & Oak Bottled in Bond Bourbon Whiskey is made from the same gold medal winning recipe as our standard Still & Oak Straight Bourbon whiskey. This unique whiskey is produced in small batches with Wisconsin-grown grain and adheres to the federal government requirements to qualify as “Bottled in Bond.”

Qualifications to be called “Bottled in Bond” include that the spirit is distilled in one season at the same distillery that will bottle the product, it is then aged a minimum of 4 years and bottled at 100 proof.

Still & Oak Bottled in Bond Bourbon is aged in 53-gallon new charred American oak barrels. It has rich aromas of corn and pecan pie, leather, caramel, and chocolate.  Initial flavors are a warm, malty, medium-full body taste with notes of clove, oak spices, vanilla, caramel, and dried fruit that ends with a smooth and delightful long lasting finish.

Non-chill filtered, Still & Oak Bottled in Bond Bourbon will retain maximum flavor, but might leave a little sediment in the bottle.

50% ABV | 100 Proof