Great Lakes Distillery Barrel Aged Pear Brandy, a balanced mix of fresh pear and rich oak.

- A blend of ripe Midwestern grown pears that are milled, fermented, distilled, and aged for over 2 years at Great Lakes Distillery.

- Only two casks of pear brandy were produced and combined for this one time release.

- At 90 proof / 45% ABV this brandy is crafted to be enjoyed neat in a snifter, with a few ice cubes, or will shine in craft cocktails.

- The production methods and flavors of this brandy fall close in line with both apple brandy and the French produced Calvados.

-Barrel Aged Pear Brandy can be used in place of both apple brandy or grape based brandy to add a dynamic nuance to classic cocktails such as a Jack Rose or Sidecar.  Cocktails are available in our cocktail database.

Tasting Notes: Straw gold in color. Crisp fresh pear and apple on the nose with hints of vanilla and pie dough. Bright sharp pear on the palate with mild caramel, weathered oak, and sweet vanilla compliments. Medium finish of baked pear, faint cinnamon, and sweet oak.

Great Lakes Distillery Barrel Aged Pear Brandy is 40% Alcohol by Volume.