Tasting Room Drink Menu

Our tasting room is the perfect spot for some conversation and a cocktail with friends.

Our tasting room is open daily for hand crafted cocktails and distillery food. The tasting room has different seating options. Sit at our large bar, high tables, dinner tables or our couch and chairs. When the weather is warm - our patio with tons of seating is one of the cooler spots in Milwaukee to have a cocktail under the sun or stars! Not to mention these great cocktails!

Rehorst Gin

Bloody Mary | $9

Rehorst Gin, Sriracha Bloody Mary Mix, Pickle, Cheese, Beef Stick

Lake Breeze | $8

Rehorst Gin, Club Soda, Cranberry Juice, Lime

Rehorst Gin & Tonic | $8

Rehorst Gin, GLD's Very Own House Tonic, Lime

Rehorst Citrus Honey Vodka

#1 Guy | $8

Rehorst Citrus Honey Vodka, Soda, Lemon

Colonel Mustard | $8

Rehorst Citrus Honey Vodka, Pineapple Juice, Sprecher Cream Soda, Lemon

Citrus Tonic | $8

Rehorst Citrus Honey Vodka, GLD's Very Own House Tonic, Lemon

Sconnie Splash | $8

Rehorst Citrus Honey Vodka, Cranberry Juice, House Tonic, Lemon

Rehorst Barrel Reserve Gin

Gins & Roses | $8

Rehorst Barrel Reserve Gin, Lemonade, Rose Flower Water, Lemon

New Pleasures | $8

Rehorst Barrel Reserve Gin, Good Land Orange Liqueur, Grapefruit Bitters

Pumpkin Spirit

Autumn Harvest | $8

Pumpkin Seasonal Spirit, Fresh Apple Cider, Angostura Bitters

Old Pumpkin | $8

Pumpkin Spirit, Good Land Orange Liqueur, Angostura Bitters

Roaring Dan's Rum

Roaring Stormy | $8

Roaring Dan’s Rum, Top Note Tonic Ginger Beer, Lime

Mooncusser | $8

Roaring Dan’s Rum, Sprecher Cream Soda, Bitters

The Danberry | $8

Roaring Dan’s Rum, Good Land Cranberry Liqueur, House Tonic, Peychaud’s Bitters, Lemon

Rehorst Vodka

White Russian | $8

Rehorst Vodka, Valentine Coffee Liqueur, Half & Half

Vodka Tonic | $8

Rehorst Vodka, House Tonic, Lime

Rehorst Soda | $8

Rehorst Vodka, Club Soda, Lime

Kinnickinnic Whiskey

Old Passions | $8

Kinnickinnic Whiskey, Good Land Orange Liqueur, Bitters, Orange Twist

KK Buck | $8

Kinnickinnic Whiskey, Top Note Tonic Ginger Beer, Bitters, Lemon

5th Ward | $8

Kinnickinnic Whiskey, Club Soda, Lemonade, Bitters, Lemon

Good Land Liqueur

Walker's Point Lemonade | $8

Good Land Orange Liqueur, Lemonade, Cranberry Juice, Lemon

Dreamsicle | $8

Good Land Orange Liqueur, Sprecher Cream Soda, Half & Half

Bucky Bogger | $8

Good Land Cranberry Liqueur, Rehorst Citrus Honey, Club Soda, Lemon

Good Land Shot | $5

Shot of any Good Land Liqueur

Amerique 1912 Absinthe

Absinthe Drip | $9

Choice of Amerique 1912 Absinthe Verte, Rouge, or Blacksinthe, Ice water

Scud Runner | $8

Rehorst Gin, House Tonic, Lime, Amerique 1912 Absinthe Verte Float

Red Skies | $8

Rehorst Barrel Reserve Z-Gin, House Tonic, Lime, Amerique 1912 Absinthe Rouge Float


Milwaukee Mule | $8

Rehorst Vodka, Top Note Tonic Ginger Beer, Lime

KK Mule | $8

KK Whiskey, Top Note Tonic Ginger Beer, Lime

Wisco Mule | $8

Rehorst Vodka, Good Land Cranberry Liqueur, Top Note Tonic Ginger Beer, Lime

Barrel Gin Mule | $8

Rehorst Barrel Reserve Gin, Top Note Tonic Ginger Beer, Lime

Pumpkin Mule | $8

Pumpkin Spirit, Top Note Tonic Ginger Beer, Lime