Orchard Gins

100% delicious, 100% fruit distillate version of Rehorst Gin.

We like to freestyle at the distillery and these masterful fruit base Orchard Gins are your reward for the latest freestyle distilling we did. We love our fruit brandies, and we make an awesome gin. What would happen if we took the fruit distillates and infused them with our award winning gin botanicals? Magic - pure copper still magic!

Each gin is a:

· 100% fruit distillate from cherry, pear or apples.

· Made with the same botanical ingredients as our double gold medal Rehorst Gin

· Limited batch, less than 750 375ML bottles made for each gin

· Crafted in Wisconsin’s first distillery since Prohibition, and one of the first craft distilleries established in the USA.

Orchard Gins are 44% Alcohol by Volume