The World’s First Bottled-In-Bond Gin

A hundred year old designation of age and quality normally associated with bourbon or rye whiskey now adorns the latest offering from Great Lakes Distillery. In adherence with federal bottled in bond regulations, Rehorst Bottled-In-Bond Gin was distilled at one distillery, in one season, aged a minimum of four years in oak casks, and bottled at 100 proof and is the first gin to earn a “Bottled-In-Bond distinction from the Federal Government.

Rehorst Bottled-In-Bond Gin offers the same botanical build of juniper, orange peel, lemon peel, cardamom, coriander, Saigon cassia, green anise, sweet basil, and Wisconsin ginseng used in Rehorst Gin with the addition of four years aging in oak.

Rich oak and vanilla notes compliment the unique botanicals in Rehorst Gin to develop a gin any whiskey fan will adore.

Gold- 2020 Beverage Testing Institute

50% ABV | 100 Proof