Tasting Law Update

Unfortunately the 2014 WI Legislative session has come to an end and no vote took place for the proposed tasting law changes. The good news is it got further this year than any year in the past. It seems the legislation was stopped by legislative leadership in committee. Sometimes it’s easier for legislators to ignore a bill than to actually have to commit to one side or the other. In this case the other side was lobbyists representing a big brewery. Small business and a growing industry lost this time, but we will take up the fight again next year. 2014 is an election year so unfortunately there won’t be another legislative session this year.

My thanks to the numerous customers that contacted their legislators in support. In addition thanks to the state representatives who had the courage to tell the opposition that their monopoly on this marketing technique (tasting) was wrong. Also a huge thanks to Wisconsin’s other distilleries that supported and worked to make this change happen. We’ll try again in 2015.


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